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test server

Post by yardy_da_truck » Tue May 13, 2014 9:57 pm

As a lot of you already know I have been doing some experimentation with a test server that runs parallel to the ET server @1. It uses some tweaks that alter the normal gravity, weapons, etc

These ideas that I have are in place on another server and have proven to be very popular with players that log in every night to play. The test server is running on a Linux based system and requires some XML scripting in order to perform the most elaborate tweaks. I have taken the server to my limit of changes and now I am up against the XML scripts in order to make the final changes. My objective is to make this an alternate server for the public to join and enjoy. In fact, I feel it could be more popular than the existing BBA #1 after it has been perfected.

Now I could use some help. The XML scripts are very simple but I have limited experience with XML. I am willing to learn as I go and try these but in order to speed things along I thought I would make an attempt to recruit some help from others. If someone would like to help me with the project I would be very grateful . I don't think a lot of time would be involved with the project.

Anyone that wants to help please email me here on the forum or send a direct email to It could result in a renewed interest in the ET server . My friends that are using this on a competition's server sometimes have a full server whereas we are mainly populated with bots.

Let's see what happens after giving this a chance.


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