For y'all's consideration

Name says it all.
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For y'all's consideration

Post by trumps unbathedmom » Sat Jul 20, 2019 4:23 am

NAVSTA Rota/Torrejon (Spain)
Saturday, July20, 2019 09:21

I copied and pasted an excerpt of the following while playing, hoping to spark somebody's interest.
I may sometimes come off as being "irreverent" to some, but whatever the outcome remember, I'm not the one disrespecting the server.

I recently came across a coment posted on the BBA's board a couple of years ago, I'll paste it here, followed by a dissection of this diatribe, it's a bit long so bear with me, for anyone wondering why not go to the board to post this comment, I'd say: so that those of you who never pay a visit at least out of courtesy have the opportunity to be a little better informed about what goes on at BBA.

By Khalsa Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:19 am.
Hello BBA friends, I know I've been terrorizing your servers***. I don't cheat as some of you believe, I just like to win and go try-hard the last volcano match. Sorry for ruining the fun for you all**. Thanks for not banning me and letting me play with you all. But I think you all have had enough and it's getting to the point where its neither fun for you or me. I will move on from this game so you all can play in peace*.Thank you all for the fun times and great games.****


what this proves is how some narcisist chump can come in, do his (thing), abuse our Admins leniency and leave us in peace (I will move on from this game so you all can play in peace*) only after his thirst for self-affirmation has been quenched.
And though this in itself may not be considered grounds for being banned, I can´t help thinking about all the (Khalsas) out there who find going into a BBA server and ( ruining the fun for you all**) so amusing.

You see, maybe we´re not too prone to jump the gun (no pun intended) which is a virtue. But being a good judge of character is in a way like fraggin' speed's the key. when the unwanted attentions from one of these egomaniacs become obvious there´s no time to waste, if an administrator with banning priviledges catches him (terrorizing your servers***) well!, let me suggest a nick for him from one of sylvester Stallone's old films:
Judge Dredd!!

I'm not being condescending towards the admins, they can proceed as they damn well please; They're admins!! but if they're willing to allow it and we're able to endure it, maybe, just maybe we can exercise our right of free speech, and tell it like it is, right here (or so I've been told). After all I only took five minutes of your time, I bet it took some a bit longer to figure him out.

Oh, and: Thank you all for the fun times and great games**** = wam bam thank you mam.
Next time (The Khalsas) decide to pay us a visit, well...

Khalsa (Punjabi; xa:lsa) refers to both a special group of initiated Sikhs, as well as a community that considers Sikhism as its faith. (wikipedia)

As of july 2019 an attention starved rat started visiting us, perhaps this one doesn't cheat either; Neither did Judge Dredd.

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Re: For y'all's consideration

Post by Diehard » Sat Jul 20, 2019 3:35 pm

We do not as a rule instantly ban someone we suspect of cheating. We are careful and deliberate, we watch them and make demos to back up our claims. If you would like to see a demo I would be more than happy to show you some. NO one would appreciate being called a cheater when they are in fact not one. This is not Admin leniency. If you think that someone is in fact cheating or using a hack in some form or another please PM me or any other high level admin. I believe you know me well enough to know that I and all other high level admins take cheating very seriously. Some lower level admins don't consider themselves adept at spotting and dealing with cheats and choose not address these or they report them to high level admins. All of the high level admins on the BBA server have been admins for 10+ years and we pride ourselves in being fair with players. Please do not take this as criticism of your post, it is not, we care about what goes on in our server.

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