demos working, new issue

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demos working, new issue

Post by kakeroo » Tue Nov 03, 2015 9:37 pm

I did indeed have my old game install copied onto my external HDD. the demos work now.
but they have pumpkin heads and santa claus mortors and the star wars imperial march end map music.
these were not in the demos themselves.

i too have to run et as admin to get it to work. i even erased every folder and still the crap is on the demos. what's more is when i run et without using admin, the splash page is littered with F!A fearless assassin server links.

did they make the all in one custom install i got of splash damage's web site?
is there a file somewhere on my pc that i do not know about infecting the game.

i find the F!A infection suspicious. anyone know wtf is going on?

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