Server Rules of Conduct

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Server Rules of Conduct

Post by Zeus » Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:29 pm

Simple rules to making everyones gaming experience more fun, abiding by these rules is NOT your choice, you may choose to play somewhere else though.

The first are General Rules of Conduct - Additional Per Game Related Rules are posted below.

Rules are updated and changed regularly, it is YOUR job as a player to keep up to date, not knowing is NOT an excuse.


(2) Speak only english on the gameservers, because everybody should be able to understand what you are saying. It is acceptable to chat in other languages in a fireteam with your buddies. Non-english in global and teamchat will not be tolerated and if a referee/admin is online, you either get muted or kicked.

(3) Don't spam text or voice.

(4) Don't abuse other players, keep trash talking to a joking level. Games are meant to be fun so don't get carried away and take it too seriously. There are already way too many NOT fun servers because of this crap. This will not be one of them.

(5) Don't fakenick the name of any other players or anyone connected with our clan (this will get you banned immediately).

(6) Try to make the games fun for everyone and switch teams if needed.. Fairplay won't hurt you and will make it more fun for all.

(7) Just because someone is better than you DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE CHEATING!!!! So do not starting whining and calling them Hackers, If you have PROOF that someone is cheating, submit a "suspected cheater" ticket for review.

(8) DO NOT RECRUIT ON OUR SERVERS! If we catch or even hear of any other team or clan recruiting players on our server, you will be banned immediately without question. This includes handing out xfire/IM/email addys to do it elsewhere.

*NO POSTING IP'S of any kind. NO ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND ( websites, etc...)

(9) No long term spec'ing or AFK ( If you have to do something quick, fine, like a 10 min max and letting an admin know is in your best interest ) If you are not playing , leave so someone can come in. The servers are for players not spectators.

(10) *** OTHER CLANS *** No Team stacking, we know you want to play with your buds, and as long as teams are fair, it is fine. If teams get out of balance, other clans are the first to dismantle.

(11) Foul language ( text or VOIP )is not a necessary part of game and is not welcome on our servers. If you cant get along without it, GO PLAY SOMEWHERE ELSE!

(12) DO NOT DISRESPECT BBA MEMBERS!!! We pay the bills around here, if one particular member is being an ass, by all means make a complaint about them using our Ticket System.

(15) Exploits are NOT allowed, if it wasnt meant to be part of the map or game ( the devs didnt intend for anyone to be there or do that ) then it is NOT to be used.


- Spawn Killing is allowed

- NO XP whoreing by just standing around handing out ammo or health. Throw a few and go, Do Not continue just handing out.

- The ***** word cenor in the server is there for a reason, not for players to figure out other creative ways to spell censored words. (kick first, then ban )

- Blatant running over of teammates mines and or engies doing it to plant their own / disarming team dyno to plant own WILL RESULT IN A KICK FOR FIRST VIOLATION, PERMANENT BAN FOR NEXT

- Covert Ops - Covie to make the kill, gets first choice if they want uni, NO PUSHING OFF OF BODY'S - First Offense = kick. Second is PERMANENT BAN

- FF OFF jumps/boosts, if what you are doing would result in death or damage if FF was on, then it is NOT ALLOWED. Meaning, panzering, nading etc to get to objectives or points that were not intended to be accessible until the map progress's to that point in time.


- Spawn Killing is allowed



- No Med Pack Whoring - 4 Med Packs, 4 Players, not alot of math needed to be done huh guys? The person who doesnt use/need their med pack decides who it goes to or what gets done with it, NO running in, healing quickly to steal another one.

BE ADVISED - We now have a new system in place where the bans are shared across ALL BBA servers. This does not happen instantly but does update regularly, so if your being an asshat in one server and banned, you just got yourself the boot from ALL our servers. :wtg: