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Android Home Replacements

Post by OhMyHead » Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:15 pm

My HTC Incredible runs the Sense UI. It's pretty spiffy! But I wanted to customize this phone as much as possible, so I started trying out Home Replacement software. I have tried the full or lite versions of the following:

Open Home
Sweeter Home

...and a few others I can't recall. So far, Open Home is winning. Zillions of themes and easy to use. Some of these are quite complicated. I imagine that if/when I root this phone, I'll switch to LauncherPro or ADW, but for now, Open Home is worth the few bucks I paid for it.

And as y'all know, I like clocks. I'd like very much to develop THIS CLOCK into a working clock on an Android phone. How awesome would THAT be? Then it's a hop, skip, and a jump to creating an ET Theme for Open Home. A little extra effort and it would be compatible with aHome, dxTop, PandaHome and others. Now...if only I can find the screen shot I just took with Open Home (another cool feature) so I can post it here...

Found it! It was in the root directory of my SD Card. What a shame it didn't include my wallpaper or the whatever bar across the top. Well that sucks. Maybe I did something wrong. Ima use the other way to do it.


YES that's a female's belly, and I change the wallpaper on this thing like 14 times a DAY. It just so happens to be this one at this moment. :P

And finally, for you Left4Dead peeps, there's an Android Theme for Left4Dead ( ... .left4dead) and the same theme in HD! ( ... 4dead_high)

There are also several Soundboards from that game.


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