Mines on the Objective... or Not

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Re: Mines on the Objective... or Not

Post by basotl » Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:22 pm

It took me a bit to realize the difference in tactics and why people didn't like doing that. For a long time I would try to do the standard military tactic of setting up a kill zone where the enemy would likely be in which mines, other explosives, and lanes of intersecting fire would converge to decimate the enemy. I had to notice the preferred tactic is the use of accurate fire close to the target and to use mines as trips in common points of reaching the goal but farther from the target. You have to use one or the other of the tactics, as friendly's in a kill zone is a bad idea. I think that what is what best addresses your original question. The only problem I still have is when people that start as providing intersecting fire reposition to become opposing fire and all targets getting killed. I guess for me it's all a conflict of common gaming tactics versus using what would be common military tactics.

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