Castle Attack b5

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Castle Attack b5

Post by Zeus » Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:04 pm

Axis forces have set up a secret base in a castle in
the french region of Loire.Steal whatever documents you
can find and steal the radio parts to enable you to
transmit the documents. The radio is located in the village.

A group of Allied soldiers have been air-dropped into the
village, they will hope to gain the radio parts and documents,
then repair the radio and transmit the documents from the
damaged village radio.Defend the castle at all costs. And
prevent the allies from transmitting the documents.

Objectives :


- Destroy the first tank barrier.
- Destroy the entrance to the castle.
- Use the tank to destroy the memorial.
- Capture the radio parts.
- capture the secret documents.
- capture the forward spawn.
- Build the command Post.


- Build the first tank barrier.
- Build the second tank barrier.
- Defend the memorial in the castle.
- Defend the radio parts.
- Defend the secret documents.
- Defend the forward spawn.
- Build the command Post.

Zeus Tip:
Just like some of the original Eagles maps, the Allies spawn is a LONG way to run over and over again, so.......DONT TAP OUT, let your medics do their job and save the time and effort. :wtg: