MLB Daybreak

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MLB Daybreak

Post by Zeus » Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:17 pm

Map Features:

1 tank to escort right through the map
2 tank barrier
7 spawns per team
1 neutral command post
4 mg-42 gun nests
1 buildable scaffold for escaping with the gold
1 neutral command post

Map Description:

Daybreak is an Axis-attacking map designed for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. It's very close to the game
engine limitations since we got very close to the entity limit. The first section of the map is focused
around a tank which axis have to escort to a defense wall in order to breach it. Axis then attack the allied
main base, using the railway path to infiltrate the fortress.
Withing the fortress, axis will fight their way across barricades and around a dam, to breach the rocket base
entrance. They will then have to rob a keycard to open an armory and take 5 explosives to the Allied rocket
before they can start the bomb countdown. Reaching the end of the countdown before the time limit will lead
axis to victory...