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Siwa Oasis

Post by Zeus » Mon Oct 09, 2006 10:46 pm

North Africa Campaign

Siwa Oasis

The first map in the North Africa campaign is set near an old desert city, and tasks the Allies with blowing up two anti-tank guns deep within an Axis stronghold. The Allies can go in by force, blowing up a wall in the old city, or take a stealthier route, using tunnels under the city that must first be drained using water pumps.

A central spawn point can be found in the Old City, next to the second water pump and a room with health and ammo. Once through the wall, the two anti-tank guns can be found on the second floor at the very rear of the Axis post. Engineers will need to arm dynamite on each gun, and protect it for 30 seconds until it detonates.

Allies: The Axis initially spawn in the Old City, so you want to take this point as fast as possible. You'll need as much time as possible to attack the Axis post, so you don't want to find yourself making time-consuming runs from your initial camp to the Old City. Don't worry about the command post; don't worry about the water pumps; just take the Old City spawn point first, hold it for 30 seconds, and you'll be free do build everything else without distraction.

- In some cases, you might get lucky and a team of Axis newbies may leave the Old City relatively unguarded; otherwise, you can hug the route to the left, which eventually leads to the roof of the bunker. Chuck in a few grenades, and try to time your rush so that you reach the flag just as the respawn timer kicks in. With any luck, your team will spawn in right after you touch the flag, before any remaining Axis enemies can reclaim the room. Wipe them out, and the true assault can commence.

- Once you've breached the wall, the Axis will usually fall back and begin protecting the rear area of the compound. You should make sure the tunnels are drained, forcing the Axis to split their focus on two possible entryways. Axis Engineers will usually start planting mines in the rear yard, but you can avoid many of them by not taking the staircases directly in front of the anti-tank guns; instead, there's a ladder underneath a mounted MG42 in the yard that leads to the second floor.

Axis: One of the most common mistakes I've seen is for Axis teams to immediately scatter and leave the Old City spawn point unguarded. STOOOOPID!! It's a relatively easy room to defend, and the longer you hold this room, the longer you can stave off the full Allied assault. There's a health and ammo room right next door, and I've managed to hold down this room for extended periods single-handedly. Don't give it up without a fight!

- Once the Allies have breached the wall, your defenses should revolve around the rear compound area. Mine the rear yard like crazy, especially the areas in front of the staircases leading up to the two guns. Make use of the mounted MG42, as well as several prime camping spots near the anti-tank guns.

- It's to your advantage to have the Allies spend as much time running back and forth before sending them back to limbo, so don't worry about moving forward to the Old City so you can shoot them the second they respawn -- hang back and play defense, and you should be able to fight the Allies off.