Password V2

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Password V2

Post by Zeus » Fri Jul 13, 2007 1:32 pm

- Map has "Password" gimmick, generate random number and player
must input correct password to get objective.
- I believe it has good game play if players know the objectives,
and it will test your teamwork.

Allies Objectives
1. Pri: Spy the Password and input it to start process, then
defend the Emergency Button until process finished.
2. Pri: Steal the Endoarm.
3. Pri: Escape with the Endoarm to the waiting Truck.
4. Sec: Breach the Service Door.
5. Sec: Capture the Flag.

Axis Objectives
1. Pri: Prevent the Allies from spying the Password and input it.
If Password is input, push the Emergency Button to abort
2. Pri: Prevent Allies from stealing the Endoarm.
3. Pri: Stop the Allies from escaping to the waiting Truck.
4. Sec: Defend the Service Door.
5. Sec: Hold the Flag.