For the Noobs - ET Explanation

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For the Noobs - ET Explanation

Post by redpantera » Thu May 04, 2017 8:35 pm

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was originally planned to be an expansion pack to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and later planned to be its own standalone title. There were problems, however, with the single player portion, so rather then fix the problems, id released Enemy Territory as a free multiplayer game. The game was originally released with 6 maps and various game types. Later, the source code for the game was released, which opened the door for vast amounts of user created content. The game was created using a modified RTCW engine, which is related to the Quake III: Arena engine. Today, most ET servers run community generated content.
The game later had a spiritual sequel in Quake Wars: Enemy territory.

In Wolf: ET the players are split between axis and allies who choose one of five classes and attempt to complete objectives against the defending team. The defending team has 30 minutes to prevent completion of the objective. The game released with 6 maps that spanned 2 campaigns, victory over a campaign was based on winning 2 out of 3 matches, and later, more maps and content were created by the community.

Experience and perks
Throughout the campaign players earn experience points in 3 areas; light weapons,battle sense, and a unique player skill. This alters the game as the campaign progresses as perks are awarded.The default server settings erase all points and perks at the beginning of a new campaign or upon disconnection with the server. There are modified settings that do allow for XP saves allowing you to carry your skills across multiple campaigns or a preset limit of time. Each skill has 4 levels to obtain in which you earn these rewards, at 20, 50, 90 and 140 experience points.

  • Light Weapons
[/b] - Rewards all player classes for kills with pistols and other non class specific weapons. Players earn 3 XP per kill with a grenade, a Legshot, an Armshot or a Bodyshot and 5 XP per kill with a Headshot.

Level 1
- Improved use of Light Weapon Ammunition
When you respawn, you will have an extra clip of ammunition.
Level 2
- Faster Reload
You reload your weapons 33% faster.
Level 3
- Improved Light Weapon Handling
Reduces recoil and spread by 50% for pistols and 33% for sub machine guns.
Level 4
- Dual-Wield Pistols
You can now dual wield pistols akimbo style, this is not automatically selected for you and you must go into the menu and select it as your weapon.

Battle Sense - Players gain ZERO points for each 30 seconds survived while not actively in combat. You'll earn 2XP per 30 seconds while inflicting damage on the other team, 5XP per 30 seconds while inflicting and receiving damage lastly you earn 8XP if you are actively killing the opposing team and receiving damage.

Level 1
- Binoculars
Binoculars which can be used to reconnoiter enemy positions. Covert Ops can use Binoculars to spot Land Mines and alert the rest of the team.
Level 2
- Improved Physical Fitness
The benefits of prolonged combat activity enable your Stamina bar to recharge at 160%.
Level 3
- Improved Health
Your combat expertise effectively increases your health by 15 points.
Level 4
- Trap Awareness
You can now sense enemy Land Mines without the aid of Binoculars. Any mines within a certain range will appear as transparent outlines in your field of vision. However only the covert ops class can make the rest of the team aware of mines that you have found

Class specific rewards
  • Heavy Weapons (Soldier)
- 3XP for kills with soldier heavy weapons regardless of splash damage or a direct hit.

Level 1
- Improved Projectile Resources
Panzerfaust and Mortar will now take 33% less Power than previously.
Level 2
- Heavy Weapon Proficiency
Emplaced or Mobile Machine Gun will cool down at double the normal rate.
Level 3
- Improved Dexterity
Lower movement penalty when using heavy weapons.
Level 4
- Improved Weapon Handling
You can now equip an SMG in your pistol slot.

  • First Aid (Medic)
- 1 XP for healing using a medpack and 4 xp for reviving using a syringe

Level 1
- Medic Ammo
Medics receive an extra ammunition clip and grenade when spawning.
Level 2
- Improved Resources
Medic can have 2 more syringes and gets 2 additional syringes when spawning. Medic pack takes 15% of power bar instead of 25%
Level 3
- Full revive
Syringes now return teammates to full health
Level 4
- Adrenalin self
Gives adrenaline needles that you can use on yourself to decrease damage taken by half and Stamina bar will not decrease for 10 seconds

  • Engineering (Engineer):

3 XP for repairing a vehicle or MG.
5 XP for constructing something that takes 50% of power bar (eg. a MG nest)
7.5 XP for constructing something that takes 100% of power bar (eg. a Tank)
10 XP for destroying an objective
3 XP for Rifle Grenade kill
4 XP for a landmine or dynamite kill or defusing a landmine
6 XP for defusing enemy dynamite.

Level 1
- Improved use of Explosive ammunation
Inventory includes 4 extra Rifle Grenades and 4 extra Hand Grenades
Level 2
- Improved Dexterity
Allows Engineer to arm and defuse dynamites and land mines in half the time
Level 3
- Improved Construction and Destruction
Constructing and repairing objects and setting dynamites and land mines uses 1/3rd less Power bar than normal.
Level 4
- Issued Flak Jacket
Deflects 50% of the explosive damage

  • Signals (Field Ops):

1 XP for giving other players ammo packs
3 XP for every enemy player killed using air strike
4 XP for every enemy player killed using Artillery
5 XP for every objective destoryed by either of these

Level 1
- Improved Resources
Every ammo pack will include extra ammo clip and giving them out takes 15% of the power bar
Level 2
- Improved Signals
Calling artillery or air strike takes 2/3rd of your power bar
Level 3
- Improved Air and Ground support
Each air strike has now 2 aircrafts incoming and artillery is twice as long
Level 4
- Enemy Recognition
Placing your cross-hairs over an undercover enemy Covert Op gives "Disguised Enemy" message and shows their location on command map.

  • Covert Operations (Covert Ops):

Scoped weapons:
5 XP for kills using a headshot
3 XP for kills using a bodyshot

3 XP for spotting landmines
5 XP for disgusing themselves using enemy uniform
5 XP for every kill using satchel charge
7 XP for destroying an objective using satchel charge

Level 1
- Improved use of Scoped Weapon Ammunation
Each ammo pack gives extra clip of scoped ammunation
Level 2
- Improved use of Sabotage and Misdirection
Player can use satchel charges more often as power bar usage is reduced by 1/3rd
Level 3
- Breath Control
Reduces both recoil jump and weapon sway with scoped weapons
Level 4
- Assassin
Allows to instant kill using any backstab

Because source code of the game logic was released in a SDK in early 2004, various mods have been created by the community. Some of the most popular ones are:

Jaymod -Many new features, mostly used in fun servers
ETpub - Mod, which tries to keep original look of the game with no giantic differences from base game
No Quarter - Originally based of ETpub, features higher levels, new guns and many other improvements and bugfixes
ETpro - The mod used for competitions
True Combat Elite - A mod that largely changes the look of the game


ETTV is a special modification that allows other people to spectate matches, allowing people to see matches of, for example, tournaments live in game, using the spectator function ingame. Most of the viewable games are seen on

Download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Enemy Territory Ultimate Installer is a compilation installer that includes the latest version of ET with the most common modifications and maps.

ET: Legacy

Enemy Territory: Legacy is an open source project based on the code of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which was released in 2010 under the terms of GPLv3 license. The main goal of this project is to fix bugs, remove old dependencies and make it playable on all major operating systems while still remaining compatible with the ET 2.60b version and as many of its mods as possible. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - whose gameplay is still considered unmatched by many, despite its great age.

Sources: ... 3030-8614/

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Re: For the Noobs - ET Explanation

Post by Digger » Mon May 08, 2017 9:09 pm

I like it! Thanks for taking the time to post that Pantera m8!

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