Before you blame Punkbuster Read this!!!

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Before you blame Punkbuster Read this!!!

Post by dirtyolman » Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:36 pm

Man.....this has become a goat-rodeo, this 9014 is kickin' everybody's ass :wall: :wall: :wall:

My old friend (The Mechanic) was having the same problems, 9014's with big time lag. I took this opportunity to fix his problem, and it's my normal fix, format the ol' HD and start fresh. I loaded Win XP Pro and did the updates (runs better w/ updates) then I loaded ET using my patented procedure, and the same for punkbuster with the same patented procedure used. This very machine is my "Pure test bed) for any work I do. NO OTHER SOFTWARE WAS INSTALLED .....PERIOD, just Xp and ET!

I started ET in the usual manner with playername, connection, controls, and the play online button, and yes....alll the servers showed up, that tells you the ET 2.6x versions were installed correctly. I then logged onto BBA#1 and downloaded the files needed to get on the server,and was spec for an hour, and that was all that was needed for a 100% pure connection, no 9014's, no GUID key, no nothin'...hehe, just as I thought!!

I looked over all the files and did a comparison that included me looking at thie following information:

Filename & type.

Date & time of file (critical)

byte size comparison, by using a disassembler.

and did a side-by-side comparison using a file comparator, the files from my Gaming PC, and the files on the mechanic's machine.

.........and all tested good :chin: :chin: :chin:

and from all the posts I read on here & other sites, I can only come to one solid conclusion (and you're gonna hate me for this), but it's not PB's fault entirely.

Before I did the above, I plugged his machine into my network (that works just fine), and played for a bit, and ooohhhh,'s in the software & O/S :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

So if you think it's your connection...think again!!!

Here's an unfortunate fact:

Many people are suckered into getting some kind or type of software, whether free or paid for, and have have no forward knowledge of and how it will work in their machine(s). What they don't know is that any software can and at will, alter other softwares, or your operating system (in some cases). I have seen this happen way too many times, people mixing software that screws up their machines. I learned this both the hard & easy way, I bought another PC just for this purpose, and believe me, that HD got formatted 3 times a week as a routine.

My way of finding bad software is:

Slam a HD w/ software (Like what you would find on a typical PC) install the target software (in this case ET & Punkbuster) find a problem or error, document it, and format :camper:

Punkbuster is wrapped around encryption (the first culprit), i'm sure that most of you are not familiar with the company Verisign, this company works with encryption and just happens to be the sister company of evenbalance, Believe it or Not!!!

So why is this sooooo important, well, those punkbuster files in your PC can be altered, or any software can keep these punkbuster files from working properly, and the working phrase here is "Any Software". Anything from a windows or Linux update, to that shiny new cool box of antivirus software, or that new photo design software you always wanted, can lead to big hassles. And those freebie software like weatherwatcher, those suck up resources, and your bandwith by the way, and cause the greatest problems,

Punkbuster is reallllllllly picky about how much throughput it needs, give this a read:

Your connection and any software that have any influence on firewalls, automatic updating capabilities, or that involve packet transfer, monitoring, constant use of your internet connection, can lead to packet loss or loss of key packets in this case.

I know alot of folks don't like having to format and start over again, but this maybe the only alternative you will have.

Start with the basics like I did above, install O/S. ET, then install each piece of software one at a time, and always test your game for ANY errors, each time, this can narrow down which software could be causing the problem.

I will say this advice is worth about $250.00 in repair costs easily, and my advice on this is included in the cost.

So take it from Dirty, do it right
or pay me $250.00 :wtg: :wtg: :wtg: :wtg:

For more info. on how to install Enemy Teritorry and Punkbuster, here are my links:

ET install:

Punkbuster install:

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Re: Before you blame Punkbuster Read this!!!

Post by Caroline20 » Tue Nov 09, 2010 5:01 pm

dirtyolman wrote:[...](and you're gonna hate me for this), but it's not PB's fault entirely.[...]
lmao, i was suggesting it some time ago :lmao: :lmao:
Repair the Septimer

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