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Nintendo 3DS

Post by Weapon_NeXt » Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:50 pm

Some don't like handhelds, but one thing is certain, as long as they evolve over time like PC's/consoles, handhelds are here to stay, and I am a portable-gaming lover!

Nintendo 3DS - Retail availability: Fiscal Year 2010 (Before April 2011)
Nintendo 3DS (get the pun), is not a Nintendo DS, it's a brand new and complete successor to the DS, not a remake, but backward compatibility with DS/DSi will be present atleast in the initial release of the 3DS.

It's "3DS" because it's new primary feature is that whole 3D thing you may have been hearing lately. While technically Nintendo DS is 3D, the difference is 3DS features "stereoscopic 3D". No worries, this is for use without special 3D glasses! :)

New features (according to E3 prototype):
Slidepad (a handheld version to a joystick).
Home button.
Motion Sensor accelerometer.
2 outside cameras for taking stereoscopy snapshots.
Stylus that extends to 4 inches.
Updated graphics and sound (OF COARSE!) - From my view, it's comparable to Nintendo Gamecube.
Top screen bigger than DS Lite's, Bottom screen smaller than top screen. (that I don't like).

Significant Remaining features:
Cartridge media (that I like)
Dual screens (that I like)

List of confirmed titles:

I am probably gonna get one of my own once it's out, very excited, would probably be a nice Holidays 2010 gift if it'll be released by then.
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Post by NoucFeanor » Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:43 am

Sounds like a lot of fun! My current DS broke so getting this with the new Dragon Quest game seems like somethin to look forward too!

Graphics comparable to NGC?!?! I loved and still loved the Game Cube, powerful and sturdy little box! and a huge list of quality titles for it.

Don't see why you'd need a stylus that extends 4 inches, seems a bit excessive, unless your in the pictochat and enjoy to lounge in a big squishy chintz chair while you draw vulgar images with your neighbors. :shrug:

Can't wait!!


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